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More wireless broadband on the way to Milton Keynes and Cardiff

Milton Keynes is perhaps best known among the broadband community for suffering from patchy broadband coverage, but things are slowly changing. In a partnership between Invest Milton Keynes and Briteyellow a free wireless Internet service should be available from August 2006 in the area of the city from the Central Station up to Midsummer Place in the retail district. Expansion across the rest of the city centre should take place in the next six months. More details can be read in the article on ZDNet UK.

Another area that has embraced wireless broadband is Cardiff, currently it has coverage in the city centre, but the aim now is to extend this by February 2007, with the creation of a four sq km wireless zone. The service is not free, as it is part of the BT OpenZone network. Cardiff University is planning its own wireless network that will be free to use by staff and students. You can read more on the BBC News website.


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