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340,000 signed up to Talk3 International Calling Plan

Talk Talk has released details on its profits and the level of interest in its £20.99 calls/broadband package. More detail over on

The number of people signing up to the service which offers free calls to UK landlines, and free calls to 28 countries around the world, as well as a free broadband connection has hit a total of 340,000 so far. In an interview on the BBC Charles Dunstone indicated that this is double the number that they had planned for at this time. In terms of broadband customers this will be a massive jump, as previously Talk Talk only had 75,000 broadband customers, but over 2.5 million customers across all the companies products.

People who signed up at the time the product was launched should be getting connected in June, or already be connected, with those signing up now being given a projected date of August 2006.

The next few months are going to be an interesting time, as this is the most popular LLU based product yet to be released in the UK. The worry now is whether the LLU mechanisms are running smooth enough to get this volume of customers connected, with no more than the usual fault rate. It would be nice to know how many people have actually been connected to the full service package, rather than just signed up, as this will make it easier to judge how the support issues are being handled. Talk Talk are expanding the number of call centre staff to support the product, but with a four week training cycle it may take a while to catch up with demand.

Update 3:40pm: Charles Dunstone's blog gives more detail on the numbers of users connected to the service. 280,000 customers are connected to the line rental and calls part of the package, with just over 100,000 now provisioned on the Free Broadband service.


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