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UK approaches half a million LLU lines

The May 2006 update from the Telecommunications Adjudicator has been published and can be read here. In terms of raw numbers the UK has over 471,000 unbundled lines, with rate of connection continuing to rise as each week passes. The update also highlights a key area for users looking to move to, between or from a LLU operator, which is that of migration processes. Migration and its availability along with whether it is fit for purpose are now causing some concern to the OTA and Ofcom. Other than the teething problems as providers and individual BT exchanges get used to LLU, smooth migration is perhaps the most often raised issue on our forums.

For those looking for a historical perspective of LLU take-up take at a look at the page The Throughput KPI graph shows that while we are still not meeting the September 2004 forecast, a projection made in March 2006, which closely follows the existing growth curve, suggests we may cross the 1 million LLU line mark around September 2006.


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