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Less than one third of Internet connections now via dial-up

The Office of National Statistics collates lots of data, and one of these is an Internet Connectivity report, the full report can be viewed as a PDF document located on their website.

The data from March 2006 shows that broadband in its many forms is continuing to push dial-up access out of the way, with broadband accounting for 69.2% of all connections, leaving dial-up with just 30.8%. This is a 3.7% rise in the three months since December 2005 for the broadband share.

One warning note needs to be sounded - it is worth keeping a backup dial-up connection available. While broadband in its various forms can be very reliable, the consumer varieties carry no guarantees and it can take a number of days to resolve problems, during which time people will need to do things like still collect email, pay bills/online banking. So keep a dial-up modem configured, and check it works every now and then.


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