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NetServices suspends service to Fast24 customers

NetServices has issued a statement regarding its provision of services to Fast24:

"For reasons beyond NetServices' control, it is with regret that NetServices have had to suspend the supply of services to Fast 24 and therefore Fast 24's customers. If you are one of the customers affected, NetServices will be able to assist you with any enquiries you may have including how to continue to receive service. In this regard, you should contact NetServices on 0161 386 5800 or if you have email access on [email protected]

Ofcom have been fully briefed on the action NetServices are undertaking.

NetServices would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the disruption in service."

Statement released by NetServices

NetServices have also issued a further statement to update Fast24 users:

"NetServices operate in the wholesale market and as such offer services only to ISPs and resellers, not to consumers (end user customers). NetServices do not intend to change this business model.

NetServices do not 'own' the customers (their contacts are with the reseller in question) and therefore never directly provide MAC codes to end user customers. Requests must come via our resellers.

NetServices are providing temporary alternative arrangements to Fast24 customers so they continue to receive service whilst the issue with Fast24 is addressed."

Update released by NetServices (18/05/06 - 14:00)


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