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WiFi access via Hotspots gets cheaper

There was a time when WiFi access could cost a couple of pounds an hour, and while the number of hotels bundling the cost of access into hotel rooms is increasing, the cost of access when setting in airport terminals or train stations was still high. The Cloud who can provide Internet access via over 7,000 locations in the UK is now launching a new subscription based service called UltraWiFi.

UltraWiFi has two main subscription options, pay £11.99 each month for a minumum contract period of 12 months, or alternatively you can eskew the longer contract and opt to pay for service only on those weeks you need it at £11.99 per week. The full press release can be found here.

By reducing the cost to the consumer for WiFi access at the same time as the number of devices offering WiFi access is on the increase, and services such as VoIP and Video over Broadband are starting to establish themselves, then The Cloud may kick start a growth in the actual use of all the WiFi enabled hardware that is out there.


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