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Bulldog launches an up to 16Mbps ADSL2+ service

Bulldog now joins the ranks of providers offering an ADSL2+ service. The new product has been trialing for a few months, and has now been released as an up to 16Mbps downstream line speed, with up to 1Mbps upstream line speeds. The unlimited product is available for £19.50 per month for the first two months, rising to the standard price of £24.50 thereafter. A cheaper service with a 1GB allowance is available for £9.75 for the first month and £14.75 thereafter. Details of the new service are on the Bulldog website here.

The Bulldog service is a fully unbundled service, which means the telephone line rental and calls service will be moved to Bulldog as well. The monthly fee for the line rental is £10.50, currently a promotion is running offering free UK landline calls for two months.

Some may be wondering why Bulldog are headlining the service as an up to 16Mbps product. While we have had no official word on the reasons, in terms of managing expectation from the product it does make some sense, since as the recent Ofcom survey showed the number of lines likely to exceed 16Mbps using ADSL2+ is fairly small.

Update 1:20pm 29th April: Pricing altered to reflect the nature of the two month, and one month offers.


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