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Bulldog after £50 deposit to allow premium rate calls

In a slightly unusual move, and one that is perhaps welcome on the one hand, but worrying on the other. Bulldog as of April 26th wants consumers on its telephone and broadband services to pay a £50 advance as a positive sign that they are opting into the ability to make premium rate telephone calls, generally number ranges starting 09. The charges for this calls can vary from 10p to £1.50 a minute. Full story over at The Register.

The £50 advance will appear as a credit against the next bill, so you don't lose the money it simply is an advance payment. For those that don't pay the advance all 09 numbers will be blocked on their line, which will protect people from various scammers, and reduce the chance of people inadvertently racking up massive bills. Where this becomes interesting is when someone who has the service, suddenly wants to call a manufacturers support line for something they own and only a premium rate number is available - we presume Bulldog will allow people to alter the state of the block, i.e. if you allow premium rate numbers that you can block them again at a later date.

Update 11am Friday 28th April: The £50 figure does not apply to Bulldog business customers, they can get the block removed if required by emailing Bulldog. Also it should be pointed out that the block does not apply to numbers starting 08.


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