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ntl 10Mbps service to embrace unlimited

ntl seems to be throwing its cards on the table with the news that from 1st June 2006, the 10Mbps service will be labeled as unlimited. As usual with ntl news wander over to for more information.

Existing ntl 2Mbps cable broadband users will also see a speed increase to 4Mbps. This limit removal will be welcomed by many, but is slightly clouded by the recent, traffic shaping policy, that appeared and then disappeared. It seems likely that if traffic volumes increase with the removal of the limits, that NTL may use shaping in some areas to try and ensure some services like VoIP and gaming continue to be usable at times when otherwise this would not be possible.

With the recent merging of ntl and Telewest, this change in usage policy brings the two cable broadband services more into line with each other. Therefore this move may reflect the slow progress towards a relaunch under a single Virgin brand.


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