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Ofcom launches own-initiative investigation into E7even

Ofcom started an own-initiative investigation into E7even, and its billing and compliance with its own Code of Practice for handling complaints. The full text of the announcement is shown below, and details of the case leader can be found over on

"Ofcom has opened an investigation to consider whether E7even has contravened General Condition 11.1, which prohibits Communications Providers from billing customers for services that have not been provided.

Ofcom will also investigate whether E7even has contravened General Condition 14.2, which requires Communications Providers to establish and maintain complaints-handling procedures that conform to a Code of Practice.

The opening of this investigation follows a number of consumer complaints that Ofcom has received regarding the provision of broadband services by E7even. If Ofcom's investigation concludes that E7even is not complying with its obligations under the General Conditions, Ofcom will decide what action is appropriate to ensure that consumer interests are protected."

Own-initiative investigation into E7even's billing for services and adherence to its Code of Practice for handling complaints

E7even and a number of its customers have not had a good 2006, as we highlighted back in January 2006. Hopefully Ofcom will be able to get to the bottom of what the problems are, and arrive at a solution that will benefit the consumer. March 2006 saw an unknown number of customers billed amounts equivalent to one months service charge (appearing on credit card bills as GenUK), the forum post here, details what E7even customers should do if you were billed, and it has not been refunded yet. Perhaps the largest topic of the year has been problems with end-users trying to obtain a MAC from E7even, we've seen something like 300 emails on this subject in the first four months of the year.

At a time when the industry is on the verge of a price war, seeing the industry regulator investigating one of the budget providers, indicates some of the potential dangers for providers who try to compete just on price.


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