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Biscit launches freeMAX service

Biscit has launched its freeMax service, that bundles a calls/line rental and broadband service for an introductory price of £19.99 per month. Biscit is eschewing the LLU route that TalkTalk plan to use, and is using the wholesale line rental product from BT to create the bundle. The advantage of this is greater coverage around the UK, and the product should be available sooner than the June/July dates people are being given for the broadband service from TalkTalk.

The Biscit deal is £19.99 per month for the first six months for those who sign up online, with the product costing £21.75 per month thereafter. This provides an ADSL service at up to 8Mbps line speed and a 2GB data allowance (£1.99 per GB for top-ups). The calls package includes 12 hours of anytime calls to nationwide landlines, with the option of 2400 extra minutes for £4.95 per month. The minimum contract term is 18 months, and the service carries a £29.99 activation fee.


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