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Hiccup in move to LLU service affected three exchanges for Plusnet

Local loop unbundling (LLU) while at over 360,000 connections is still far from mature. Some of the problems are down to BT, but with providers who've not had to handle the configuration process right down to the DSLAM level before, there is plenty of scope for other issues.

It is in this light that unfortunately 44 out of the initial 1000 users Plusnet moved to the Tiscali LLU wholesale service had problems with their service. It seems a configuration error at three of the exchanges stopped their service working, but this is now fixed. We are led to believe that Plusnet aim to move around 20,000 of its customers onto the new LLU service, and this will happen in batches of roughly 300. More details on the LLU service and the fault can be read here.

For those migrated onto the Tiscali LLU service with Plusnet it seems the download speeds will remain at roughly 2Mbps for the first 10 days, and after that time the systems should have been set-up to manage the traffic at speeds of up to 8Mbps (the actual line speed and subsequent download speed obtained is dependent on many factors, including length of cabling back to the exchange).

The future for those customers who are moved onto the LLU network, and are also Premier Option 2 and 3 customers, paying £29.99 and £39.99 respectively, will be once Plusnet has enough customers on each exchange, they will potentially see a second round of upgrades to enable ADSL2+ on their line. Currently the Option 2 and Option 3 customers benefit from a larger peak time traffic allowance of 22.5GB and 30GB respectively, compared to the 15GB on the £21.99 Option 1.


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