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Carphone Warehouse ready to play hard ball

The Register has some analysis of an article in The Times, which suggests that Carphone Warehouse are prepared to sue BT if a new easier automated system of moving customers onto LLU is not delivered as promised in June 2006.

The reason for this is that the company will be losing money on customers who are on their £20.99 offer, for every day that the company is not able to move them onto the companies LLU systems. Though it is interesting to see other providers are managing to move several hundred customers per day onto LLU networks, so Carphone Warehouse will still be able to move some customers.

It is interesting to note, that with all the millions of words generated by the feeding frenzy the Carphone Warehouse announcement produced, very few have considered what happens when people want to leave the service, and migrate to a better offer in the future. Smooth migration between providers very much boosted the competition for standard ADSL products, but with the current cease/provide model that can vary from a day or two of downtime to weeks, the decision to move onto a LLU product is not one to be taken lightly. Of course with the 18 month contract on the TalkTalk product, the migration process should have launched and be settled in by the time anyone can leave.


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