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New premium rate non-critical support line at Plusnet

No ISP stays static for long, and Plusnet cannot be accused of that. In an email to its customers they've highlighted the evolving nature of the company, and the introduction of a new support service on a premium (50p per minute) rate line.

The existing 0845 rate service will be retained for people calling the provider with "Why can't I get a connection?" type queries, but Plusnet is trying to encourage its customers to use online articles in its portal as well as other online resources. For those that insist on telephoning to seek help on questions like "how do I connect this new shiny device to my working broadband connection?", the consultancy line will endeavour to help them.

Just how far the consultancy line will go in helping customers is hard to know, and it may result in unhappy customers after they've spent a few pounds on a phone call and got no further to figuring out what to do. For those wanting to read what Plusnet say on the issue visit here.

The challenge as we see this change will be how the provider handles the murky areas like when a simple USB ADSL modem can connect, but the consumers nice new router is not connecting. Charging a consultancy type fee, can also lead to greater expectations in terms of further help at a later date. Of course we have our own forums, where you can find help on a wide variety of broadband and computer related issues. Perhaps the biggest hurdle faced by people seeking online solutions is knowing what to look for when searching for an answer, and how to word a question to ensure a fast and helpful reply when posting to forums.


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