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NewNet in spend and save broadband deal

Dual broadband and telephony packages are very much in vogue at present, and NewNet has announced a deal that could see people getting their broadband connection for just £4.95 per month.

To get a broadband service for £4.95 it would require you to be a subscriber to the companies £11.95 2GB usage allowance broadband service, and make £70 worth of telephone calls each month. The credit against the broadband service applies to the range of broadband services from NewNet, and works out at £1 credit for every £10 worth of telephone calls. Details of the voice service can be found at , which has a £4.95 set-up charge for NewNet customers.

For home broadband customers the credit is a maximum of £7 in a month, with business broadband customers having a higher credit ceiling of £15 per month. Some examples of the broadband products in the companies range are shown below:


Line speed

Usage allowance

Monthly fee

Annual payment option

Monthly equivalent

Home LITE Up to 8Mbps 2GB £12.95 £143.40 £11.95
Home S Up to 8Mbps 25GB £18.95 £215.40 £17.95
Home 550 U 512Kbps 50GB £21.95 £239.40 £19.95
Home 8050 U Up to 8Mbps 100GB £36.95 £359.40 £29.95
Home 8050 B Up to 8Mbps 60GB £24.95 £275.40 £22.95


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