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Nildram offering upgrades to the new Max products

Nildram has issued a press release detailing the changes to its product range with the advent of the Max product range from BT Wholesale. Existing Nildram customers on the Broadband2, Broadband2gO and Broadband2gO Lite services can look forward to free upgrades onto the up to 8Mbps line speeds now available across most of the UK.

The other major change is that the Surf500 package is now named DSLSurf and will offer a line speed of up to 2Mbps, with a lower speed of 1Mbps or 0.5Mbps depending on what the BT Wholesale line checker states your line is capable of. Existing customers will get this upgrade automatically and it will be free of charge.

A brief listing of the consumer product range from Nildram is shown below:


Maximum line speed

Monthly fee

Usage allowance

Broadband2gO Lite Up to 8Mbps £13.99 0.25GB
Broadband2gO Up to 8Mbps £15.99 2.5GB
Broadband 500 0.5Mbps £19.99 25GB
DSLSurf Up to 2Mbps £22.99 50GB
Broadband2 Up to 8Mbps £25.99 50GB

The £47 activation fee only applies for new activations. People migrating from an existing service can migrate to Nildram for free. The usage allowance is defined on the Nildram website here. In summary the allowance only applies to transfers in the hours of 8am to midnight, and if you hit the allowance you can still transfer data but at a much slower rate than normal of 64 kilo bits per second. Top-ups can be purchased at a rate of 1GB for 99p. The policy is differnet for the Broadband2gO and Broadband2gO Lite products which are are uncapped, just that above the inclusive allowance you pay for what you use.


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