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Cascade effect continues with product refresh from Freedom2Surf

Freedom2Surf announced on Tuesday the launch of its Cascade product range which starts at £13.99 per month for an up to 8Mbps service, which includes a 0.5GB usage allowance. Top-ups above the various inclusive usage allowances are charged at 99p per GB.



Monthly fee

Line speed

Usage allowance

Cascade Start Free £13.99 Up to 8Mbps 0.5GB
Cascade Lite Free £14.99 Up to 8Mbps 5GB
Cascade Home Free £19.99 Up to 8Mbps 20GB
Cascade Plus Free £23.99 Up to 8Mbps 50GB

To qualify for the free activation, you need to keep your service for six months on the Cascade Start and Lite products, and only three months on Cascade Home and Plus. For those that leave the service inside these time scales the activation fee of £49.99 becomes payable. The Cascade Plus product also carries an option of a £6/month upgrade which increases the usage allowance to 100GB. Once connected if you want to regrade to another package in the range a fee of £5.87 is payable.

The unmetered aspect of the previous Freedom2Surf packages remains between the hours of 1am and 6am, as confirmed by a member of Freedom2Surf staff posting on the forum here. The usage allowance includes both upload and download traffic.


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