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The gold rush for Max products is underway

BT Wholesale launched the Max and Max Premium up to 8Mbps ADSL products on 31st March 2006, and a number of service providers along with lots of customers are clamouring to get their lines upgraded.

The initial feedback from the people regraded onto the Max based services started on Monday morning, and a common theme since then has emerged. People are seeing their ADSL line connect to the exchange at the maximum rate the line will manage (this is the ADSL line sync rate), but the actual download speeds from sites like our own speed-tester and others are remaining very close to 2Mbps. This is because of something called the Data Rate, which is set inside the BT Wholesale network and controls the amount of data that each line can carry over the wholesale part of the network. The Data Rate on a Max product is set initially to 2Mbps, and should change within around 75 minutes of being regraded and the ADSL modem connecting rise to reflect the increase in line sync rate. Currently this does not appear to be happening, the precise reason is unknown, but certainly service providers are aware of it (note: some support staff answering the telephones may not know, it will depend on the briefings given to them by their team leaders).

It is believed that the specification of the ADSL Max products from BT Wholesale actually allows up to three days for the Data Rate to alter, so it may simply be that with so many regrades happening that the systems that control the Data Rate setting are slower than usual, and will catch up given time. As more information emerges we will update people, people may want to see what others are saying on the regrades in the BT Wholesale section of our forums.

Update 4:15pm, a short update to say that we are seeing posters now recording download speeds in excess of 2Mbps, so the Data Rate limit is increasing for people, but it may take 24 hours at present. The Data Rate slowly rise in several steps to within around 0.5Mbps of your line sync rate, this is the expected behaviour of the Max systems.


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