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The vision that is BT Vision

One wonders how many meetings are taken up thinking of product names, hopefully with this latest product from BT it was not too many. BT Vision is the name to be used for the next generation TV service from BT Retail. This product will combine the capabilities of a FreeView set-top box and a broadband connection. The broadband connection will provide video-on-demand content, and other interactive services.

It is now possible to register your interest in the service by visiting, though initially the service is only going to be available to BT Retail Broadband customers, those using other services providers will have to wait. Though it is not just BT looking to offer this combo service, Namesco started registration for its service last week.

The BT press release is keen to point out that its service will be offered nationwide, one problem some may not realise is that FreeView coverage is still patchy across the UK, with ADSL available in areas where no FreeView reception is possible. Without the FreeView part of the service, you would be left with the video-on-demand content only. BT Retail are also pushing the concept of a central home networking hub, in the form of the 'BT Hub' which will provide wireless and wired networking and capacity for up to five simultaneous VoIP calls. BT Vision will come with no mandatory subscription, so we presume you would pay for the hardware, and then perhaps pay for some of the video-on-demand content.


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