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Tiscali publishes results for year

The Tiscali Group has published its financials for the year ending 31st December 2005, which show that an additional 547,000 ADSL lines were added to their user base bringing the total to 934,000 lines. The full press release can be read on

The UK subsidiary of Tiscali brought in 44% of the groups revenue, and the amount of revenue from just broadband connections amounted to €170.5million. Tiscali is possibly the main user of the BT Wholesale Datastream products in the UK, with around 70% of its lines currently using a Datastream connection. Though it looks like this may change rapidly as Tiscali ramps up the use of LLU connections in both its Retail and Wholesale operations. Apparently the first 25 exchanges were unbundled by 31st December 2005, and the first 15,000 unbundled customers connected. In total across the whole of Europe Tiscali has 1,715,000 ADSL customers, of whom 365,000 are using some form of unbundled service. has some further details on the Tiscali LLU services, with the company aiming for 600 exchanges to be unbundled by the end of the year. The article also appears to suggest Plusnet has agreed to put at least 20,000 customers over onto the Tiscali Wholesale LLU network, this represents around 10% of Plusnet's customers.


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