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Easynet aim for 1200 unbundled exchanges by 2007 has details on the latest news to emerge from BSkyB as it outlines the future strategy for its Internet service provider Easynet.

The plan revolves around the expansion of the Easynet unbundled network which covers around 20% of UK households on 232 BT exchanges and increasing this to 750 exchanges by the end of 2006. The eventual aim seems to be for around 1200 exchanges to be offering an Easynet unbundled service, which assuming Easynet unbundle the larger exchanges gives a coverage of around 70% of UK households.

Easynet is a name that was mostly associated with business connections, but via its UK Online retail arm and offering wholesale services to other providers it is increasing its visibility in the consumer sector. If BSkyB were to use Easynet to run a video-on-demand service that worked in conjunction with Sky+ boxes the potential demand is massive.


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