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Wales to receive complete broadband coverage

The Welsh National Assembly have today announced that BT Group have been appointed to provide the broadband infrastructure to the previously 'unviable' exchanges within Wales under the Regional Innovative Broadband Support Scheme (RIBS). This will bring all exchanges within Wales under BT's current broadband rollout within the UK and thus provide access to the standard platform, including any further advancements such as maxDSL due to be rolled out across most exchanges at the end of March.

Wales currently has broadband available to about 99% of the population with a few exchanges left to bring them to the magic 100% they are aiming for. The estimated completion of this is summer 2006, but may still leave some broadband blackspots (due to excessive distance from the exchange). Focus will then be shifted to explore perhaps other methods to bring broadband to these communities. People in these areas are encouraged to register on the Broadband Brokerage Scheme at / Full details are available in the press release here.


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