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Next generation networks - a round up

Ofcom has published a statement aimed at encouraging competitive Next Generation networks (NGNs), which can be read at Next Generation Networks: Developing the regulatory framework. The fact that providers will be using physically different systems to provide telephony and Internet access requires Ofcom and the industry as a whole to look at whether existing regulation and wholesale products require changing.

In other news the BT Group has moved on to the stage of handing out contracts for hardware to be used on its 21st Century Network (21CN), which is moving from a vision to an actual product. Monday 6th March saw the news that both Fujitsu and Alcatel have signed contracts to supply hardware for 21CN. Fujitsu would appear to be a key supplier providing Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) solutions via its GeoStream Access Gateway. Alcatel mentions several more components including its 7510 Media Gateway. Paul Reynolds of BT Wholesale had the following to say on the awarding of the contracts:

"With 21CN, BT and our suppliers are leading the world in next generation networks. Where we go with 21CN, others will follow, and the experience gained and expertise developed in this transformation of BT's network will set the standard for other NGN deployments. We're moving forward strongly with world class suppliers, and the first customers in the UK will start enjoying services over 21CN within 12 months."

BT Wholesale chief executive Paul Reynolds

11/03/06 Update:
We omitted that Ericsson and Cisco have also been award a contract for hardware supply. For Cisco, this includes providing delivery of Ethernet aggregation at the BT 21CN metro nodes and the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System for the high-capacity backbone network. The BT press release can be found here.


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