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Round up of Max products

The BT IPstream and Datastream Max products from BT Wholesale are slowly rolling out across the exchanges in the country. March 2006 is the month when we can expect many more exchanges to be offering the service. In anticipation of this roll-out service providers are adding products to their range, or altering the specification of existing products.

In an attempt make it easier to see what the various new products are, we will be updating a table of Max product pricing. This will only list products using BT IPstream and BT Datastream Max products. If you are an ISP and have announced your Max pricing, email [email protected] and I will endeavour to add you.



Activation fee

Regrade fee

Monthly fee

Usage notes (monthly)

Option 1 BT Retail Free Free £17.99 2GB, regrades in Spring
Option 2 BT Retail Free Free £22.99 6GB, regrades in Spring
Option 3 BT Retail Free Free £26.99 20GB, orders taken from 11th April
Option 4 BT Retail Free Free £29.99 40GB
Max Home Allowance Entanet £52.87 Free £16.50 3GB peak, 30GB off-peak
Max Home Allowance Entanet £52.87 Free £39.98 90GB peak, 360GB off-peak
Max Office Allowance Entanet £52.87 Free £29.37 45GB peak, 300GB off-peak
Max Office Allowance Entanet £52.87 - £111.62 360GB peak, 510GB off-peak
Home Max Evolution DSL £47 - £24.99 Unlimited
Office Max Evolution DSL £47 - £35.24 Unlimited
Connect Home Freedom2Surf Free - £19.99 10GB
Connect Plus Freedom2Surf Free - £24.99 Uncapped with fair use policy
Max Home Fusion Media Networks £70.49 Free £35.24 Uncapped, no fair use policy
Max Office Fusion Media Networks £70.49 Free £64.61 Uncapped, no fair use policy
MAX Broadband Madasafish Free Free £17.99** 5GB
MAX Plus Broadband Madasafish Free Free £25.99** 20GB
BroadbandMax Standard Namesco Free - £24.95 10GB(*)
Broadband Max Plus Namesco Free - £39.95 Unlimited with Fair Use Policy
Broadband Office Max Namesco Free - £34.95 10GB(*)
Home 8050 LITE newnet £47 - £12.95 2GB, additional usage £2.70 for 3GB
Home 8050U newnet £47 - £36.95 100GB
Broadband2gO Nildram £47 Free £15.99 2.5GB
Broadband2 Nildram £47 Free £25.99 50GB
Pipex Max Pipex Free - £33.99 Acceptable Use Policy
Broadband Plus Plusnet Free - £14.99 3GB peak time
Broadband PAYG Plusnet Free - £14.99 1GB, £1 per GB for top-ups
Broadband Premier Plusnet Free - £21.99 15GB peak time
Home 8000 Lite Prodigy £39.99 - £14.98 2GB(*), extra usage £1.50/GB
Office 8000 Lite Prodigy £39.99 - £19.98 2GB(*), extra usage £1.99/GB
Home 8000 Lite 30GB Prodigy £39.99 - £24.98 30GB(*), extra usage £1.50/GB
Zen 8000 Active Zen Internet £47 Free £24.99 20GB(*), optional £1/GB thereafter
Zen 8000 Pro Zen Internet £47 Free £34.99 50GB(*), optional £1/GB thereafter

(*) Only downloads count towards allowance.
All prices shown include VAT.
(**) Prices shown do not include £6/month saving for the first six months.
Not all products may be shown for a service provider, with the variety of usage allowances we will usually just list a selection.
The regrade fee applies to existing customers at an ISP. The '-' means we do not know if there is a fee, where we know it is free we will say so.
When comparing service providers be aware that their peak time periods may differ.

A key point is that the Max services use rate adaption on both the downstream and upstream speeds, so the line speed will vary according to your individual lines abilities. Additionally some service providers may rate limit your data throughput, e.g. if paying for a 4Mbps product, and your line is running at 6Mbps, they may limit your downloads to 4Mbps. We have not listed the upstream speeds, since the designation of Home on most products implies a maximum line upstream speed of 448kbps, Office denotes an upstream of up to 832kbps.

Before ordering any Max products it is worth double checking whether the Max services are available on your exchange, the service provider may be able to give an estimated date, but as always with estimates dates can alter.


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