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Cable and Wireless happy with Bulldogs performance

After bad news for a lot of C&W staff earlier today, for those working in Bulldog it may be a bit brighter, but that does not mean there may not be effeciency savings to be made. The Register has details of a conference held today by C&W UK boss John Pluthero.

Bulldog has doubled its number of customers from 48,000 in August 2005, to 107,000 as of today, or around 30% of the UK LLU market (based on the UK having 250,000 LLU lines at the start of February 2006, and a growth of around 5,000 to 15,000 lines per week).

On the subject of whether Bulldog will move out of the retail market, it seems Bulldog is getting plenty of enquires from companies wanting a wholesale LLU product, but John Pluthero says that it is not attractive to them. So Bulldog customers can relax once more, and we will see the number of Bulldog customers continuing to grow.

Even with BT Wholesale about to launch its up to 8Mbps ADSL service, the LLU providers with their options for an ADSL2+ service will still be able to offer people something that they cannot get elsewhere.


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