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The axe hangs over Cable and Wireless staff

The rumours of a bad year for Cable and Wireless staff surfaced at the weekend, and today brings the bad news into the light of day. The company is looking to axe up to half its UK workforce, and also to reduce its number of customers from 30,000 to 3,000. The remaining 3,000 customers look set to be large corporates and public institutions. More details over at The Register.

For Bulldog customers and staff it is a case of waiting for more news to emerge. It would seem likely that we are looking at job cuts and if C&W are happy to shed business customers, it seems possible that there may be big changes with the Bulldog customer base too.

Hopefully the C&W plans will bring about a better experience for its customers, whether this happens only time will tell. From the outside the plans look as dangerous as a supermarket saying it will only let you in the store if you undertake to spend £100 per week in the store.


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