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End of era as plug pulled on broadband TV service

Over at is the news that Kingston Communications is set to close down its Interactive Television service in the city of Hull.

The service in its heyday saw a peak of 10,000 customers, but this has fallen to just 4,000 now. Apparently in the face of the growing competition from digital TV and the costs of upgrading the system it was decided to save the money and close the service in April 2006. It may not disappear totally, it seems Sky may be considering continuing to run the service.

Kingston Communications has a long history, and is the only telephone company in the UK where BT does not operate in its area. For those not aware of the history, pay a visit to The Interactive TV service was launched in 1999, and leaves HomeChoice as currently the only operator providing a digital and on-demand TV service over a broadband connection in the UK.


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