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Free broadband so says Mail On Sunday

The Mail On Sunday has been looking at the BT Groups 21CN plans, and what seems like great news in that BT will offer free broadband to all 20 million of its customers in a couple of years. See (warning does include adverts with sound).

Reading the article it appears that someone has latched onto the term broadband dial-tone, and interpreted this to mean free broadband, with people just paying extra for extra-fast downloads. We very much doubt this will be case, certainly a free service will leave no room in the market for competitors, and what is a healthy competitive service provider retail market would wither away. What we think was actually meant, is that once 21CN has rolled out, everyones telephone line will be connected to a MSAN, with the DSLAM providing both the PSTN voice service, and as a by product the availability of a DSL service. In effect everyones telephone line will be DSL enabled by default, which is where the free bit arises, i.e. there should be no need for an activation fee.


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