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New Zen high speed connections to have usage allowance

Zen Internet is one of the latest to send out a press release announcing details of its offerings for the new BT Wholesale Max products. Rather than the new products being a simple price change, Zen has revamped its approach, introducing usage allowances. We should point out, that existing Zen customers who are on the Home 250/500/1000/2000 products will remain on these services with the unlimited tariff. From March 1st 2006, Zen's home product range will be:


Monthly fee

Maximum downstream line speed

Maximum upstream line speed

Usage allowance

Home 250 £17.99 288kbps 288kbps Unlimited
Zen 8000 Active £24.99 8192kbps 448kbps 20GB downloads
Zen 8000 Pro £34.99 8192kbps 448kbps 50GB downloads

The Home 250 remains unlimited, and Zen has said that this product has continued to sell in healthy numbers. One advantage of the Home 250 is that is actually syncs at 288kbps, and can work on a few lines where Home 500 is not possible. Existing Zen customers can regrade for free onto the new 8000 Active and 8000 Pro services. To keep customers informed of their usage, emails will be sent out at 50%, 75% and 90% of usage, and once the ceiling is reached further capacity can be purchased at £1 per GB.

The usage limits should cater for the majority of customers at Zen, since the ISP states that over 80% of customers are using less than 20GB per month. It is also worth noting that the allowance only applies to downstream traffic. The full press release can be read here.

Although Zen is selling the 8000 products from 1st March 2006, the availability of it on an individual exchange will be dependent on BT Wholesale, so check with Zen, or the BT Wholesale checker at to see if the Max services are available on your exchange.

One key point that can catch some people out, is that there are service providers advertising a service as unlimited, but have a fair use policy (or similarly named policy), which often can result in users being limited to 30GB or 40GB over the course of a month. This can make comparing providers products very difficult, and shows the importance of researching what existing customers are saying.


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