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Demand Tracker updates to reflect status of Max roll-out

The BT Wholesale Max products are generating a lot of PR material from service providers, and also a fair deal of confusion for end-users. The Max products are actually a standard ADSL product, except that the downstream as well as the upstream speeds will be rate adaptive. The rate adaption for the Home Max products will range from 160kbps to 8192kbps on the downstream side, and up to 448kbps on the upstream. The Office Max products will benefit from a higher upstream of up to 832kbps.

Long lists of estimated dates for when the Max services will be available on individual exchanges are available, but as these dates are largely estimates and subject to change, we have decided to just list those exchanges where BT Wholesale is saying the Max products are available to order. Currently the Max services are available on 75 exchanges out of over 5000. Type your exchange name into our demand tracker, to see the current state. If your exchange is enabled three answers are currently possible:

  1. Activated. This exchange is ADSL enabled with limited 0.5Mbps service.
  2. Activated. This exchange is ADSL enabled.
  3. Activated. Exchange is ADSL enabled and offers Max services up to 8Mbps.

The final option above will be shown on those exchanges where BT Wholesale are indicating the service is ready to order. The exchanges with Exchange Activate will remain limited to the 0.5Mbps service, this is around 160 exchanges. As April 2006 approaches we expect more of the full build exchanges to offer the Max services, and the vast majority are expected to be ready by the end of March 2006.

BT Wholesale is not carrying out automatic regrades on to the Max product range, this is a decision for each service provider to make. Some providers are planning to regrade their customers once the service is available, and others will leave it to their customers to decide. The next few weeks are likely to see various providers confirming the addition of a Max product to their range, and announcing any regrade fees.

Due to the relatively conservative limits BT Wholesale has used in the past, it is expected that most people who switch to a Max product will see an increase in line speed, followed hopefully by better downloads speeds via their ISP. Of course there are no guarantees that you will see a faster connection. The BT checker at will attempt to estimate the potential speed for your line.


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