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BT Retail opens up Broadband Voice to all providers

Last week it would seem BT Retail made a small but possibly significant change to its Broadband Voice product. Broadband Voice is a Voice over IP (VoIP) product that allows you to make telephone calls over your broadband connection at possibly cheaper rates than having a second telephone line installed. The service was restricted to customers of the BT Retail Broadband and BT Yahoo! ranges, but this restriction has been lifted making it available to any UK cable or DSL based broadband connection.

The service has two calling plans, Evening and Weekends which costs £2.99 per month, and provides free calls of up to an hours length in the evenings and weekends. For £7.99 a month you can have the AnyTime plan, which gives free calls at any time. Calls to mobiles, international numbers etc are charged at various rates, which can be found here.

For those broadband customers on the various Pay As You Go, or usage limited packages, it is worth remembering that a VoIP service will use up your allowance, so free and charged Broadband Voice calls will eat into your allowance. Some service providers that have their own VoIP service, do exempt the bandwidth used from their metering. A crude estimate is that a one hour VoIP call may use 5p to 10p of usage if charged at £1.50 per GB.


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