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Wales in broadband surge

Research by the Welsh Assembly Government’s Broadband Wales Programme on 5,500 residents across 22 local authorities show that broadband uptake in Wales is climbing rapidly. The last year saw a 14% growth in update, with 39% of Welsh residents having broadband.

The figures vary across Wales, with some of the more notable figures being: The Vale of Glamorgan (51%), Neath Port Talbot (46%), Swansea (44%), Cardiff (41%), Monmouthshire (41%), Flintshire (40%) and Conwy (38%). Computer ownership is standing at a level of 71% with 63% of respondents having Internet access at home. What is interesting is that devices other than a home computer are showing up now, Internet via digital TV (6%), mobile phones (12%), gaming consoles (3%) and PDAs (2%). For more information wander on over to

For those in Wales without access to broadband at this time, there is the Regional Innovative Broadband Support Scheme (RIBS). This scheme is aiming to get the remaining 35 unviable telephone exchange areas enabled with a suitable broadband technology to ensure coverage in each of the areas later in 2006. For those who cannot get affordable broadband now, or are stuck with slow speeds and are growing tired of being left behind pay a visit to the Broadband Wales Observatory which will allow you register your plight, and help the decision makers.


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