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Fusion Media Networks announces Max product details

Fusion Media Networks has started the spring cleaning before the winter is over. They have given their website a good going over, all part of an effort to provide a simpler and clearer message to existing and prospective customers. To take a look head over to

Fusion has also taken the opportunity to add pricing details for the BT Wholesale IPStream Max products, which should be available from a lot more exchanges as April 2006 approaches. Fusion's pricing is shown below:


Maximum downstream line speed

Maximum upstream line speed

Monthly fee

Activation fee

Fusion Max Home 8Mbps 448kbps £29.99 £59.99
Fusion Max Office 8Mbps 832kbps £54.99 £59.99
All prices exclude VAT

The maximum line speeds are what those are on a very short line may see, as a rough estimate we would expect to generally see 8Mbps from a line that is under 2km long. The nature of rate adaption with DSL technologies means that as your line gets longer the speeds possible lower on both the downstream and upstream sides. While the IPstream Max products are not available on the bulk of BT exchanges at present, Fusion are undertaking to upgrade customers for free as soon as the option is available on their exchange.

As part of an offer promoting the new site, Fusion are offering people who complete the contact form on their site and mention ADSLguide a free inbound migration (Fusion normally charge £20+VAT).


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