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Wanadoo launches unlimited package

Wanadoo has updated its websites with details of a revamped ADSL broadband product range. There are three packages as outlined below:


Monthly fee (inc VAT)

Maximum line speed


Usage Allowance

£14.99 up to 1Mbps USB 2GB
Broadband Plus £17.99 up to 8Mbps Livebox with free Talk service 2GB
Broadband Max £27.99 up to 8Mbps Livebox with free Talk Service Unlimited, but fair use policy applies

The major change has been the removal of the old 30 GigaByte (GB) limit on the top of the range product, this is now replaced by the wording 'unlimited' though this is always closely followed by the words 'fair use policy applies'. A copy of the fair use policy can be found here. Only time will tell how tolerant Wanadoo is of high usage users, but we would hope that if a user perhaps tops 200GB in one month, but normally is well under the old 30GB figure that nothing will happen. One good point about the Wanadoo services is that the voice over IP Talk service does not count towards the usage level even on the 2GB product.

While at this time line speeds in the range 2Mbps through to 8Mbps are only available on exchanges that Wanadoo have unbundled, come April 2006, it is hoped that BT Wholesale will have its own up to 8Mbps service available at a high proportion of exchanges. It should also be noted that since ADSL is a distance dependent technology, the actual line speed will vary according to your telephone lines length and quality.

It looks very likely that one reason for Wanadoo re-jigging the limits on its top package, is linked to the potential cost savings from customers connected to a Wanadoo LLU service, and if their plan to have close to 50% of households covered by their LLU service comes to fruition, there certainly will be scope for large cost savings in the longer term. Though as with some other service providers, is it reasonable to advertise an unlimited service, and also have a fair use policy? It would all seem to depend on how the fair use policy is implemented.


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