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Be aiming for 156 LLU exchanges by May 2006

Be looks set to make its ADSL2+ service available outside London in the coming months. Currently 60 exchanges are enabled in the London area, but they are hoping to have increased this to 156 exchanges by May 2006. It is hoped that Birmingham and Manchester will be the first exchanges to benefit, and are currently due to go live next month.

Be has also added an email package to its offering, for an optional £2 per month, subscribers will get five individual email accounts with 1GB of storage, and 100MB of webspace. Details of the various exchanges, and provisional dates for when the Be service will be available is shown in our Announcements section.

While the ADSL2+ specification allows for a line speed of up to 24Mbps, it should be remembered that the actual line speed you will recieve will be dependant on your individual telephone line. Guidelines to the possible speed a line may achieve can be provided, generally this will be based on distance, for example 50% of UK lines are 2km or less and should manage around 15Mbps or faster.


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