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Another snippet on the NTL 100Mbps trial

Personal Computer World have a small update on the 100Mbps trial that filtered out into the news last week.

The update talks about a demonstration where a flat in Pimlico has the trial system installed and is able to deliver three high-definition TV streams at the same time. This apparently leaves bandwidth to spare for other Internet uses. One slightly strange wording is that the trial is a "basically of a bandwidth-on-demand system", which suggests a high degree of sharing. So people may not see ultra fast Internet speeds, but rather the development of a system aimed at getting HDTV into the house. We believe that the NTL trial may be using technology not unlike that detailed at

Update 4:30pm: It seems PC Pro have a fair deal more information on the trial, see here. also has details on the technical side of the service, which suggests a move towards DOCSIS 3.0. The comments on BitTorrent being used are interesting, certainly it would seem cheaper to use intelligent software and a P2P mechanism rather than lots of expensive media servers.


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