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Foula surfers suffering through lack of satellite connection

This is a story of how reliant people can be on a broadband connection, the people of Foula are currently suffering a double whammy. BT was supposed to be installing a broadband link to the island by the end of 2005, but the local weather had other ideas and destroyed the building due to house the kit. As an interim measure a wireless and satellite broadband connection was set up using the Aramiska service. Alas the recent demise of Aramiska has left the community without broadband.

For many people being without broadband is a pain, but when your telephone line to the mainland is a radio based system, with a limited number of calls possible at once, spending an hour or two online is not to be encouraged. So using dial-up for Internet access can prove difficult. For more background see

Aramiska appears to have gone now, with a creditors meeting being held in Watford this morning. Lets hope BT can get moving on the building in Foula to allow their ADSL service to get up and running and also that the Highlands and Islands Enterprise will get a suitable replacement satellite service up and running very soon.


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