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BT Group publishes third quarter results

The BT Group has published its latest set of financial figures for the year up to 31st December 2005, the full press release can be found here.

The report gives a wide range of figures, perhaps the key ones are that at the end of the year BT Wholesale had over seven million broadband connections, and this is still growing. BT Retail which runs the consumer ISP along with lots of other services, 2,328,000 broadband connections, which brought in revenue of £188 million. In the last quarter BT Retail made a net gain of 217,000 connections, which was a 31 per cent of the new connections in the quarter, this was a four percent rise on the previous quarter. 41,000 of these net additions were for the business broadband options offered by BT Retail.

The picture overall would appear to be one where traditional income is declining, continued pressure from carrier pre-selection, but the rapid growth in broadband demand throughout 2005 has largely offset this. It will be interesting to watch 2006 develop, with projections of two to three million LLU lines, it is possible BT may see its revenue from broadband leveling off.


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