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NTL in trials of a 100Mbps service

The Personal Computer World website has a few details on a trial by NTL to look at bringing 100Mbps speeds into the home.

Few details are available on the trial, but it will certainly not be ADSL2+ or using the existing DOCSIS 1.1 cable modem standard. It is possible NTL are looking at DOCSIS 3.0 which will allow them to exploit the cables already in place, though changes to the terminating hardware would be needed, and can run at up to 200Mbps per channel and an upstream of 100Mbps (details here. Another option may be that NTL will exploit the copper pair that runs parallel to the coax cable for the last few hundred feet into each property, over distances of up to 0.5km the VDSL2 standard offers potentially 100Mbps (more on VDSL2 here. Of course NTL may be doing something completely different.


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