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Bulldog to expand ADSL2+ trial

Bulldog has announced an expansion of its ADSL2+ trials, with it being trialled on exchanges Bulldog have unbundled around the UK. The current Bulldog LLU network covers around six million households, the UK has over 20 million households in total.

A copy of the Bulldog press release can be found over on The release highlights that this trial is an expansion of trials started in September 2005, and will provide Bulldog with a chance to see how usage patterns change, in addition to giving a chance to solve out the various things that can go wrong with ADSL2+. Certainly looking at the two providers who have already got an ADSL2+ service, for those who want to extract the most speed from their line it can involve a bit of tweaking of the ADSL2+ hardware.

Bulldog are hoping that if this wider trial goes well that they will commercially launch their ADSL2+ service by the end of the first quarter in 2006.


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