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Surprise shutdown of Aramiska satellite service

The rural UK broadband market has been dealt a blow today with Aramiska ceasing their service. In a short update on their website they announced "We regret to inform you that Aramiska and its services are shutting down and the company will be unable to provide you with internet access after today, 27th of January 2006.".

A number of community broadband schemes use the Aramiska service to provide their backhaul, and this announcement is going to leave them with a large gap in service. Hopefully most will be able to obtain an alternative satellite provider - though it is possible with the continued roll-out of ADSL to the smaller exchanges in the UK that some areas may now be in reach of ADSL, or a least a wireless link to an ADSL service.

Scotnet are offering three months free ADSL service to Aramiska clients who have being caught out by the rapid closure of Aramiska. In theory it should only take about 5 days to install an ADSL service if you are connected to an ADSL enabled exchange and have a suitable telephone line. If any of our readers are aware of a suitable satellite based replacement, we would like to hear, so that people can consider that provider.


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