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Last two exchanges in Essex to get ADSL

The website carries the news that the last two unviable exchanges in Essex are to get an ADSL service as part of a deal between Essex County Council and BT. The two exchanges are Willingale and Lucy Lane North, which should mean around 370 households will now have access to ADSL.

While the original article is keen to point out that this means every household and business with a BT phone line will be connected to an ADSL enabled exchange, it is as many of our readers know not the complete story. For those with very long or poor quality lines it is possible that a 0.5Mbps or even a 0.25Mbps ADSL service may not be possible. Generally the number who can get NO ADSL is low, but if you are one of those it will be very annoying. One small hope is that the Home Max and Office Max trials being run by BT Wholesale do offer line speeds of right down to 160kbps. At just 160kbps the reach of the ADSL signal may extend just that little bit further for a few people.

For those followers of statistics, 29.8% of homes and businesses in Essex have switched to broadband connections, which is 2% above the English average of 27.8%.

Our demand tracker should update with the full Ready For Service date for the two exchanges. One recent change to the tracker has been to highlight the exchanges where a limited ADSL service is available, for example Abbey St Bathans in Scotland. The limited 0.5Mbps service, is otherwise known as Exchange Activate, and is used in around 200 small exchanges. As well a single speed of service, there is generally only a choice of a few service providers on these exchanges.


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