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BT to pilot increasing number of user sessions on BT Centrals

News for those watching developments with BT Wholesale, and that is that BT is aiming to trial increasing the number of user sessions allowed on its 622Mbps L2TP BT Central product in early 2006. The trial will look at raising the maximum number of sessions from 25600 to 32000. More details over on, in STIN 455.

The increase in the number of sessions will be useful for service providers in fully utilising the BT Central products, which at a cost of £175,000 to install, and £1,496,760 annual rental is not something an ISP will want sitting idle.

PlusNet has already announced that it is hoping to remove idle timeouts from its Broadband Plus product by the summer of 2006. This was announced in the PlusNet newsletter, a copy of which can be found on our forum. As far as we are aware no other provider currently is using idle timeouts on its ADSL network.


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