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Latest offer from PlusNet on its Pay As You Go range

The month of January is always a month when people are watching their expenditure, so it seems a good time for providers to make special offers in an effort to encourage more sign ups. PlusNet has launched a bundle that combines its Pay As You Go (PAYG) product, with the PlusTalk Evenings and Weekends VoIP service and an increased usage bundle of 10GB for £19.99 a month. The PAYG product is normally £14.99 with just a 1GB bundle, and extra usage at £1 per GB, additionally PlusTalk Evenings and Weekends costs £2.99 a month.

This special offer is available until the end of February 2006, and if you sign up for the offer the product specification will be honoured until you change product or leave PlusNet. For those looking for minimum start-up costs, it is possible to defer the activation fee and cost of a USB modem, only if you leave PlusNet before five years are up will you pay anything back for activation and the modem. The amount to be repaid reduces each year, with figures given on the PlusNet website here.

When using the free evening and weekend VoIP calls, it is worth bearing in mind that this creates traffic across your ADSL connection, which will be counted against your usage allowance. That said 10GB should be enough for a good many hours on the telephone over the course of a month.


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