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Number of UK LLU lines exceeds 210,000 lines

One year ago it was almost possible for one person to personally visit each LLU line that was activated, the UK now has a rapidly growing market. The Telecommunications Adjudicator has reported that there are over 210,000 lines and more are being added at a rate of over 5000 per week. The full report can be found on

This week has also seen Openreach taking over the maintenance of fibres, wiring and the connections to millions of homes and businesses in the UK. Openreach is a new part of BT, but one which all telecoms providers should have equal access to, this is very important with the opening of the local loop, since there will be many more pressures on the local loop. In view of this body handling the local loop a new performance indicator is being run by the Office of Telecommunications Adjudicator, the Openreach First Touch to Openreach Last Touch, hopefully over the next two months we will see this improve.


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