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Broadband meeting for those in the Peniel area of Wales

Wales seems to be the worst performing region in the UK with respect to the number of exchanges that do not have any ADSL available. It is perhaps this coupled with the number of announcements from around the UK of broadband schemes benefiting businesses and home users that has lead Ralph Carpenter to organise a meeting about the issue.

On Friday January 13th 2006, starting at 7pm at the Peniel School there is to be a public meeting for the people of Bronwydd, Peniel and Rhydargaeau who still cannot get broadband. There will be members of the Welsh Assembly Broadband Wales team present. Ralph Carpenter who is a local photographer is keen to emphasis that this will not be a sales meeting, but a meeting to show the Assembly the level of interest for broadband in the area.

The website has more on the meeting, and a contact telephone number, for those in the area wanting to find out more information.

The Broadband Wales programme was started in 2002, and is aimed at businesses, with various subsidies on offer for wireless and satellite based services where available. These subsidies are not available for the general public, and now given that the Outer Hebrides have their own 5.8GHz wireless provider, one can see why people in Wales are feeling left out.


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