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West Midlands to see satellite/Wi-Fi system to fill in broadband gaps

Following on from deals in 2005, that saw 45 exchanges getting ADSL that previously did not get it from BT or any other provider under purely commercial terms. The West Midlands Networking Company which is working for the RDA Advantage West Midlands is paying £358,000 to Avanti to bring broadband to the parts of the region that still cannot get an ADSL service. More over at The Register.

Avanti have announced the contract on their own website. Over a five year period the contract is expected to be worth £1.2 million, i.e. £358,000 for network construction, the remainder coming from individual subscribers to the service, which will be variable but hopefully around £155,000 per year. The Avanti service appears to be based around a two-way satellite service at the central point, with the end-user connections working over 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks.


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