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Yorkshire and Humber the third region to see all exchanges enabled

Some good news for around 4,000 householders in the Ramsgill Dale area of North Yorkshire. The exchange was enabled at the end of 2005, and this was the last exchange waiting to be enabled in the Yorkshire and Humber region. In fact only two other regions have all their exchanges enabled - London and Northern Ireland. More over at BBC News Online.

While this is good news, talk of the region having 100% broadband access is false, since with ADSL it is almost impossible to offer a reliably working service to all lines connected to an exchange, there will always be a few that are too long, or suffer from other technical barriers such as T-PON, line concentrators etc. So while service coverage will be very close to 100% there may be the odd property or business or isolated clusters without access to ADSL. The rule therefore is if you believe your line may be one of the marginal lines, order a 0.5Mbps speed service, which should see the line activated and then see what happens. If the line does not work, your service provider should then be able to report it to BT Wholesale who should arrange a visit by an engineer who will attempt to get it working for you.


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