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Zen Internet increases ADSL LLU upload speeds

A frequent comment from users on broadband, even those on faster 2Mbps services, is the limitation in upload speed usually restricted to 250 Kbps. Recently with cable operators pushing for faster services, and local loop unbundling, these limits are being broken.

Zen Internet today announced that its unbundled ADSL services will be upgraded to support upload speeds of up to 768 Kbps for customer currently connected with a downstream speeds of over 1 Mbps. Those on 500Kbps services will have an upload speed of up to 448 Kbps. This will improve the potential for VoIP and use of the service for sites with multiple users as well as providing better support for businesses in particular who may need to send larger amounts of data, although the former in particular will rely on availability of these speeds on a regular basis.

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