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Bulldog reborn as gatekeeper..

Our readers will no doubt remember the range of problems that Bulldog users have recounted over their service and support this year. Bulldog has recently launched a huge publicity campaign portraying the Internet as "a gate, half open" when a child asks her father why the connection is so slow. Bulldog is pushing its broadband services capable of delivering up to 8 Mbps as "opening the gate". Whilst we're not quite sure that the technical performance of 8 Mbps services provides a huge benefit over 2 Mbps in the average home downloading a homework file yet, the advertising campaign is well designed and is pushing the boundaries of broadband further for the mainstream, something that can only be good.

We have several reports of Bulldog contacting customers to offer them a one month credit on their voice line rental following problems this summer to apologise for the problems users have been experiencing, something that has been welcomed by users we've talked to.

We hope this is a new beginning for Bulldog, but only time will tell whether the service is up to standard of the marketing now behind the company.

You can view the TV advert here.


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